Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ode To A Lark

Ode To A Lark
Brute irredeemable facts of life
As fire darting steeds drawing Helios’ chariot shed light on each new day
The Lark ever watchful through the night sings of prior eve’s misdeeding
Selene will never disclose keeping bosom close the words that lovers say
But the hour of the wolf will hear the sounds of hearts that lie ableeding
With Dawn’s light we never know when love has gone away
Promises spoken in passion’s heat will all be for misleading
A child’s imagination unlikely follies when pursued bring down Kings and Gods
Wishful thinking playing ruler’s roles feigned innocence usher blind disaster
A man reflecting younger days in childish eyes knows not the ground he trods
A young girl in her fancied innocent legs flaunted brings trouble that much faster
And the one left behind crushed to dirt is granted no nods
Will be left naked clothed in grief as Daphne in alabaster.
Pity the fool leading chariot’s charge with the steeds of life’s unmending
Knowing not the havoc that once unleashed can have no happy parting
He struts and frets upon the stage and conceals life’s truth pretending
Masking facts of complicit acts that were his ‘pon falsehood‘s starting
The coin of realm a dearest one’s faithful love unending
Shattered by a wayward heart’s warm attention imparting
What standing man with blooded veins denies young and tempting charms
But what fool would risk the loss of home with station’s true love waiting
And will he who falls in love be not damned for the sake of tender arms
Mistaken in the belief that what he creates could else lead to bitter hating
To take the risk for tender lips that persuasive guile disarms
Believing not the future holds naught but love’s abating
And what becomes life left behind wrecked when falsehoods are invented
The building of trust and love’s security faith smashed to minute shards
The mirrors of fidelity yearly based herald bitter ends when not prevented
When morals exit insanity prevails ill comes when his values he discards
No good comes when the three become tormented
No good as sloe-eyed Shiva’s dealing crooked cards
Remorse’s not punishment enough for the philanderer who cuts so cruel
Expulsion from heaven and earth on the proof of her loyalty undeserving
She wanders the rooms where he held sway who now in hell does rule
The only crime she did commit was giving her heart’s trust never swerving
Expecting solace she finds her mind an empty pool
Busying her days and nights her sanity preserving
And what of the little beast who treated their world as children will with toys
The will o’ the wisp the lives destroyer wreaking havoc then disappearing
After stalking the game that was not fair with charms and lies and ploys
Leaving wreckage behind she goes back to a life of love that’s unendearing
Satisfied with taking men and leaving only boys
Because of an abrasive childhood’s rearing
In blackest night he sits alone with no way back to nurtured life once held
Except if he tell the truth and at the same time lie to her that he called friend
He can honestly say that to his shame cleaved like a mighty oak tree felled
But cannot look into those dear blue eyes and say it could not happen again
More than once with his lying eyes tears swelled
Wish Hypnos and Thanatos change now to then
And yet and yet in his heart of hearts he feels his facts of life need changing
Memories of the past loves gone astray that with common sense wouldn’t have
Then have turnabout become fair play with each season of lovers rearranging
Who is to say that this brief affair might have been thus denied or couldn’t have
Unplanned evolution indicative of a mind’s deranging
Never pausing to behave in ways he shouldn’t have
The tale begins with seduction and deceit, ruse and treachery most foul.
Likewise the tragedy that did unfold with characters cast him her and she
unraveling like tapestry as each treacherous infidelity covered by a cowl
Of tears shed separately and sadness spending its grief on bended knee
Each feeling sadness as they unwrap their towel
From baths of silent misery brought on by such as me

So let the lesson here be learned foolish swains and those who love them

That simple twists of fate and sharing your heart brings only your undoing

You already hold fragile in your hands love’s secret and the precious gem

And elsewhere seeking other loving eyes can only mean trouble brewing

What you seek is not found under Hussy’s hem
It’s better at home you should do your wooing






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