Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Writer's picks Spring 2015

Writer’s picks 2015
Phil Lamancusa
The ‘other’ Best radio station: WTIX FM 94.3
            “Today’s music ain’t got the same soul; I love that old time Rock n’ Roll!” Mention Public Radio and listener supported ‘Guardian of the Groove’ and I’ll say “I love them both!” However, get me putting screen on the door, cutting back banana trees in the yard or driving across town to pick up my Girl and you’re gonna hear a bunch of TIX. (Casey Kasem on Sunday. Word.)
The best taste of New Orleans: Destination Kitchen Tours
            Got company coming?  Send/take them on a culinary tour with stops at local food vendors and guides that can fill them up with the history and traditions of our city’s iconic culinary culture. Put your money where your mouth is and get satiated! The walking/eating tour takes three hours and is filling in soul and stomach; BTW: tipping is appropriate and appreciated. Tell them Phil sent you. .www.destination-kitchen.com 
Best place to take the tots: The Children’s Museum

            So, you’re having a good time, your friends are having a good time; the kids need a good time. Three floors of unadulterated kid’s stuff to do, see, touch, run, skip, dress up and play, play, play! Hours of fun and a gang of young adults to pick up after them. A play restaurant, food store, story time, hideaway spots, art, education and much, much more. 420 Julia Street 504-523-1357

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