Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bob 5/19/15

 Wednesday: 5/13/15 So, Bob today sat up for 15 minutes, got dizzy and we called the nurse to explain why his feet turned a burgundy color whenever he stood. She said that it was a condition that he would never get over and would have to have his feet elevated for the remainder of his life. Upon Googling it I reads that it could be a sign of diabetes so I compiled a list of questions to ask the doctor.
Saturday:5/16/15 went in with crawfish pasta and found Bob fanning himself because the AC wasn’t working. He didn't feel like sitting up and decided to try again Monday.
Monday 5/18/15 brought Bob in some red beans and rice with greens and even a piece of bread and butter with pumpkin pie for dessert; really, when I saw that congealed lunch that they gave him (pureed sausage?) I wondered how anybody could eat that and have any optimism about their life and times. I brought Bob in some Aveeno so that his leg sores (still?) can be kept greased down.  I gave the nurse a list of 7/8 questions about Bob’s health: Does he have an ear infection, has he had blood work, will he get more physical therapy. Will he ever get back in his chair, home or even out of the bed at all? Is this all that Bob has to look forward to for the rest of his life? How’s his blood pressure, have we tested his urine and has he been tested for diabetes???
            I gave Bob a shave and a haircut (his first in 4 months) before leaving because it is cooler for him because the AC STILL hasn't been fixed.
            While I was shopping the social director for the facility called me on my cell to tell me that Bob owes $557.00 for that part of last month that he wasn't covered by Medicare. I’ll pay it. We decided that Bob needs to change doctors and we’ll do that 5/20 to get him better care. Bob does not want to be put into a Geri-chair—a type of recliner that he had his foot busted in that last time that they tried to do it. He doesn't trust them at all. I explained to the S.D. that Bob’s discharge will have to be pushed back indefinitely because Bob will only sleep while someone is in his attendance at home and then, unsupervised, he will return to his chair. Well, that’s a bust because Bob cannot sit up for more than 15 minutes in his chair without blacking out and he cannot sit in his chair because he needs more physical therapy which he is not getting. I pointed out that we need to know from the doctor exactly what Bob’s future is and if it is so being that Bob will never get out of bed we NEED TO TELL HIM!!!!!!

            Well, I go back tomorrow 5/20 and try to sit him up, pay his bill, change his doctor, bring him some semblance of normal food and get some answers. Hopefully the air conditioner will be working. I want to be proactive while not making waves; after all, I only visit, Bob has to live there.

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