Sunday, May 10, 2015

More about Bob (draft)

FIRST. The first story about Bob was for the Thanksgiving 2011 edition. It was posted in that August. For a background on Bob, maybe you should read that first.
Secondly: I’d like to correct the misnomer of a phrase that is used in our everyday conversations and that expression is:‘fallen through the cracks’; a term that’s used to point out a segment of the population that is out of what we consider mainstream. There is no such thing; no one falls through the cracks, when one finds themselves in the cracks that is where they stay, they don’t fall through, that would imply that they would fall out at the bottom of the crack and there is no bottom to fall out of; this is about folks that live in the cracks.
            Take my friend Bob for example

Wedged in, stuck in—fall into-trapped Bob is wedged in the crack and he may never get out. 

As you have read Bob was moved to the second floor of the home, the floor where it is permanent that a resident is going nowhere. It's here or die or in Bob's case until we can/if get him out. He no longer gets physical or speech therapy. He is in bed now still ungroomed except for being fed, washed and having his diaper changed
On the first Wednesday at the beginning of May Bob was moved to room 220. I was unable to get to him until the next Monday. Bob's belongings, his radio, scooter and bed were delivered to room 119.
When I got to Bob on Monday he had been left with none of his stuff. He was yelling that the nurse had put him in a Geri-chair and busted up his foot. When we got him into the other bed we discovered that he had been place with his left hand facing away from the wall, the hand that Bob has the most trouble using. Bob was left helpless in a hospital for five days. No one thought to care about this resident's well being, he was just another body in another bed to keep alive. 
I was there for two hours getting everything squared away and that's another story.
Bob doesn't have the strength to sit up now and it will be up to us to get him to where he can go back to mobility and independent living. Bob really screwed if we cannot do something miraculous and, as you know, miracles are in short supply
The home now takes all of Bob's stipend and gives him $38.00 a month to live on a sum that wouldn't buy me razors. Oh, and there still is no barber or dentist furnished by the home.
Bob's going down and we are trying to be his lifeline but it aint looking too good.
Bob would like to go home; however, the state will only give him an aide for 5 1/2-6 hours a day. Bob is scared to death that someone is going to leave him in bed and leave him so he wants to opt for sleeping those aide hours and being in his chair for the rest. This is not possible or acceptable. Bob needs 24 hour attention and that aint happening at home. Bob is captive and trapped and 62 years old. How would you feel? And more important how are you going to feel when this happens to you, as it will happen, sooner or later to ALL OF US????
There are no funds for our elders humane endings. The home is over worked under funded, understaffed workers in underpaid and less than skilled jobs doing the best that they can and it aint right.
Bob could be in a better place for $50,000.00 a year. Do you have that kind of money to spend on your parents or grandparents, let alone some friend that hasn't a pot? Think about it. This is now Bob's future, what is yours?

I fear that there is very little hope left and I pray that I am wrong.

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