Thursday, December 24, 2015

Gentra Wars draft

Po Boy Views
Phil LaMancusa
Gentra Wars
Heah Dey Come!
            “Good evening and welcome to the sicks-a-clock mews, I’m your host Wyran Milliams bringing you the latest breaking stories from New Orleans neighborhoods; tonight our field correspondent Itchard Mengels is reporting on the Gentra Wars being waged across the city: Itchard?”   

            “Good evening Wyran, reporting tonight from the Bywater in lower New Orleans, it looks like we have a skirmish at Franklin and Dauphine streets where a family of Gentras has taken over another double shotgun house and converted it into a single dwelling, as you know, other properties have been reported seized and turned into AirBnB’s and bed and breakfast enclaves; we’ve seen Oobers pulling up and disgorging northerners with carryon luggage and wearing Chicago Cubs sweatshirts. After the take overs in the French Quarters and the Marigny these forces seem to be unstoppable. Back to you Wyran:”  

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