Thursday, December 24, 2015

Upyer Bucket List draft

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Phil LaMancusa
Upyer Bucket List
I’ll Pass
            Okay, you’ve passed your thirty-something birthday and are about to decide on what you’re gonna be when you grow up. As any intelligent, aware and alert adult (you are, aren’t you), you’ve noticed a bunch of occupations that you are not inclined to pursue, among these are some non skilled, low paying dead end jobs that those of us with less resources growing up have been forced into; I swear, sometimes I believe ‘The Man’ keeps portions of us at a disadvantage just to keep the country supplied with cheap demeaning labor, the kind where you make enough dough to eek by but not enough time or money to take that night class to become a qualified professional  (like a vet tech, CPA or dental assistant), which would at least give our kids a leg up. Think about it.
Be that as it may, I’ve compiled a list of jobs that I’ve never wanted  

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